Sliced by Light Laser Graphics

Custom Laser Fabrication in metals, woods, leathers, textiles and plastics.  We also laser engrave and mark a variety of products in various industries.  You will be amazed at the quality of our laser services.

A Long History

One of our most famous of customers, Ansel Adams, shown here with a Ries Tripod. (by the way we have that exact tripod here on display). 

Irving G. Ries was the special effects director of "The Forbidden Planet.  He also invented the multi tilt head.

Ries Gallery

Ries Heads

Where form and function have become allies.  The strongest heads in the industry.  They are made to lock down loads of up to 60 lbs or 25 KG in the broadest of angles. Ries invented and patented the multi-axis head 1950. 

Ries Audio

Ries Audio Speaker Stands are elegant tonally neutral and can focus your speakers into exact positions easily and impressively. 

Ries Speaker Mounts are the strongest and most versatile in the world.  The articulated leaf system locks in infinite positions and will not drift.  They may easily mounted to a wall, ceiling or atop the speaker stand.

Ries Productions

Our company was founded in Hollywood in 1915 as a production company fabricating the studio equipment used in many motion pictures.  We still today specialize in custom fabrication for the motion picture industry.

Today were are a Lean Green On Demand Manufacturer for over twenty customers world wide.

Ries CNC, Fabrication & Manufacturing

Ries Productions has it's very own design, engineering and CNC manufacturing Shop.  We are partnered with SolidWorks CAD and SolidCAM.  When you look at any of our products remember we make everything you see.  All made here by us in Bremerton, Washington USA. 

Ries Tripod

World famous and regarded as the benchmark of the photographic industry in both performance and asthetics.  Only the best quality and service.  We encourage you search Ries Tripod on any search engine to see for yourself the countless blogs about our customer service.

Aries Engineering & Fabrication

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Ries Product​ions

Design & Manufacturing in the USA! 

Since 1915