Any Metal, even exotics!  Super 8 Stainless!  Extrusion design and extrusions in everything from rubber to steel!

This is the company you want on your speed dial. 360 627 8795.  We can solve any issues for any project!

Our Design and engineering department can design anything and consult in a variety of different materials, and processes.  Aries specializes in redesign of products to make them better and more cost effective.

We will even assemble your end product for you!
We have assisted companies with their end product's production from basic assembly to multi component products that require great care and finish.  We will even ship your products for you anywhere in the world.

Aries is a true full-service engineering and  fabrication company.  Our machine shop utilizes CNC machine centers, CNC turning centers and a Class A Powder Coating to fulfill your requirements.  Having precision sheet metal and precision machining under one roof, gives our customers a true advantage for fast turn around.  In addition to our facilities we provide you access to our affiliates and their specialties.

Are you starting to to get the picture?  Well, there is whole lot more!

Aries Engineering & Fabrication's mission is simple.  We can make anything!  Our engineers design everything from tools to toys, reactors to ship parts in variety of materials and finishes.  In any quantity you require.

Ries Product​ions

Design & Manufacturing in the USA! 

Since 1915

Any Wood, even exotics!  laser engraving!  Veneer inlays!  Master Wood crafting!

Aries Engineering & Fabrication

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​​All made here in the USA!  Don't go offshore until you have talked with us.

100% Made in the USA!

Any Glass, even exotics!  laser engraving!  Stained Glass! Laser sintering! Fused! Cast!